05_FW19_The Three Piece Suit


The Culmination of Year 01.  

Please contact info@maisonoge.com to inquire about custom orders and price.
Order individually or as a complete set:
Lapel-less suit jacket with oblong semi-circle pockets (Navy)
Trousers with single-pocket derriere (Navy)
Off-color vest (slightly lighter Navy Bull Denim)
*Suit jacket and vest fit slightly over-sized
100% Cotton 
10oz, Navy Bull Denim
Made to Order by hand in Oakland, CA.
Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. 
Please, take care. Dry-clean only. 

Victoria is 5'2", wearing a medium jacket; Calvin is 5'5", also wearing a medium jacket, medium vest, and 30W trousers. 

The Story.

— Growing up, few things gave my mother and grandmother as much pleasure as seeing my brother and I dressed to the nines and suited up. It was the ultimate form of validation. Confirmation that we were outstanding young boys, who only they could raise into men. And so, every Saturday morning at about 7:30, they would begin the long and drawn-out process of waking us up and getting us ready for church. Suit and tie, not optional.

As soon as we were old enough to rebel, my brother and I began to aspire towards business casual. We started off by loosening our ties and unbuttoning our shirts from the top, graduated to striping the suit jacket off entirely, and finally, making the God-forbidden move to short-sleeved, arms exposed, unbuttoned shirts and khakis. I’ll never forget how chaotic those church mornings were, where all efforts to get us dressed to impress our maker, ended with words you won’t find in the Bible. It went downhill from there.

Years later, the suit is back. Chapter 03 brings together the definitive compilation of pieces from Year 01 with Maison Ogé in the form of a three-piece suit. Reduced and appropriated for use beyond the sanctified, I’m wearing this s**t every day.