Maison Oge is an experimental design house based in Oakland, California. We exist out of a frustration with current norms and as the antithesis of what is expected. Our beliefs lie in the gender neutrality of apparel, the derivative nature of objects and things, and in the power of the simple and of the obvious.

Our collections re-conceptualize staple pieces through the proposition of alternate manifestations and the use of extraordinary and non-traditional materials and dyeing methods.

We produce a limited number of pieces at a time (sometimes made-to-order), crafted in either Los Angeles or in Oakland, California.

Our Name. Our Legacy.

The name Maison Ogé (/‘may-zon/ /‘oh-j’ai/) honors our founder's grandmother, Beatrice Ogé, who was a life-long seamstress, Haitian community and church activist, and matriarch of the Ogé family.