Maison Ogé is a neutral-wear concept born in Oakland, Ca. We exist out of a frustration with the norm and as the antithesis of what is expected. We believe in the derivative nature of all things and in the simplicity of the obvious.

Each collection, and each piece we create, re-conceptualizes cross-gender staples while proposing alternate manifestations. Though experimental by nature, we believe in creating only a few good things at a time. As such, we release 1 or 2 styles per collection, consisting of a small number of individually numbered pieces (100 to 200 pieces at a time), with some hand-stained to order. 

All of our pieces are made in USA from 100% organic cotton interlock.

Our Name. Our Legacy.

The name Maison Ogé (/‘may-zon/ /‘oh-j’ai/) honors our founder's grandmother, Beatrice Ogé, who was a life-long seamstress, Haitian community and church activist, and matriarch of the Ogé family.